Thursday, November 18, 2010

Successful Sales Strategies For Selling Tennis Shoes Online

FREE S&H when you buy 2 or more! Be Smart. Be Safe. Carry ID. This is the message of the Safe Roads and Trails campaign we've been promoting since March, 2004. It's important for walkers and runners, of all ages, to carry ID/ Medical Information with them 100% of the time when on the road or trail. There's a reason the unexpected is called "the unexpected." The dilemma, too many times there's not a convenient place to do this, until now. With the shoewalletPlus, there's a "safety factor," you have a place to conveniently carry a piece of ID and/or Medical Information. In addition a "convenience factor," the ability to carry keys, cash, a credit card, gym card, drink card and/or license in a lightweight accessory that remains unnoticeable to the user, even when full.

Each Shoewallet pack includes:
*1 Shoewallet
*1 FREE ID Card
*1 FREE copy of Mission Abdominals ($17.95 value, download online)
*1 FREE list of 17 Running Safety Tips from the RRCA (download online).


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